What made you want to start a blog?
My first tryst with blogging began in 2009. I wrote about my angsty teenage years on a platform called Xanga. I grew out of it after using it as my venting outlet for five years. While working as a Features Writer, I became interested in beauty and wanted to explore my new-found passion. The idea of creating a blog simmered beneath the surface for a long time, before coming to life in 2014.

Where did the blog name come from?
Well, it's just a play on my initial 'L'. 

Where are you from?
I am from Bangalore, India but currently living in London. 

What camera do you use?
I switch between Fuji X100F and Panasonic GX80.

What's your review process like?
I take anywhere between three to four weeks to test a product. I usually slot them into my daily routine to see how they work.

How often do you blog?
I update the blog twice a week - Wednesday & Sunday (Subscribe here)

You can find me on Twitter and InstagramYou can also write to me at anonbeautyblogger1(at)gmail (dot)com 

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I'm not compensated monetarily to provide opinion on products or services. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. All photographs and text (unless stated) have been created by me, please do not reproduce without permission.

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