Monday, 18 February 2019

3 tried-and-tested skincare favourites

 *Rosa Camelia Face Oil

The severe lack of sun and central heating always makes my skin look a bit dull and lackluster in winter. Thankfully, help arrived in the form of Rosa Camelia Face Oil (thanks Clemency!). Made in small batches in New Zealand, this artisanal face oil is a superb do-it-all. It’s immensely satisfying to apply, owing to its lovely rose scent, which really lifts the spirits (and senses) after a long and tiring day. Made with a luxurious blend of 10 oils, this velvety elixir blankets the skin in a rose-scented veil of hydration. I’ve been using it for a little over two months and I must say that I'm truly smitten – it can be mixed into foundations, serums and liquid highlighters for extra glow and a boost of moisture. Unlike most oils, it has a lightweight consistency and sinks into the skin swiftly. It even sits beautifully under makeup. Don’t be fooled by the minimal packaging and the diminutive size, the golden liquid it contains is a total skin treat! Discover more about this gorgeous oil and Clemency's incredible ingredient-lead skincare range here.

Caudalie Concentrated Brightening Essence

One of my main skin concerns is the pigmentation and dark spots around my lips and chin. By making chemical exfoliants and sunscreen the mainstay of my skincare routine, I’ve started to notice some improvement. If there’s one product that’s truly made a difference, it’s the Concentrated Brightening Essence from Caudalie. It’s chock-a-block with ingredients that are known for their texture-improving and brightening qualities, namely glycolic acid. I like the fact that it gently resurfaces the skin while leaving it smooth and bright. I use this exclusively at night after a thorough double cleanse and follow it up with the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum (another fave for combating pigmentation). I pour a few drops of the essence onto my palm and pat it into the skin as it feels quite cooling and immediately makes my skin look all soft and plump. 

*Instytutum Truly-Transforming Brightening Eye Cream

I’m a bit on the fence about eye creams because I know for a fact that they can’t really ‘erase dark circles’. But they certainly do help with other issues such as fine lines and puffiness. So, with that in mind, and also egged on by the fact I’m now on the other side of 30(!), I reluctantly started to use the Brightening Eye Cream by Instytutum. What drew me to this eye cream is its velvety and lightweight texture – it feels lovely and cosseting without being too heavy for the under-eye area. Despite the creaminess, it doesn’t interfere with makeup and I’ve found that my concealer sits much better when layered over this. My verdict? Still undecided, but they make my eyes look less knackered and that's all that matters, isn't it? 

(* denotes products sent for consideration - thoughts and opinions are all formed after putting the products through their paces)
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