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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Gift Guide: For The Beauty Lover

This post is the result of a long conversation I had with a friend recently. We were both exchanging gift ideas and she suggested I compile all of my favourite products in one convenient place. From volumising mascaras to comforting body creams, here’s a list of my top picks that’s sure to appeal to the die-hard beauty lover in your life.

For the minimalist makeup lover
She loves nothing more than a good blusher and a lashy mascara. Even if she takes her time to carefully apply makeup, she blots it all off before heading out because she's into the lived-in look. She considers Into The Gloss her beauty bible and Emily Weiss her fashion god. She sometimes buys beauty products purely for aesthetic purposes, and also coz it'll look cool on the 'gram. Her signature look is nude lipstick + nude blusher + failsafe bronze-y eye. (I could be describing myself here) 

For the skincare addict
You can spot her from a mile away because she has gleaming skin that's the result of a multi-step AM & PM routine. She knows how to expertly layer every product. She believes that Caroline Hirons is a skincare messiah. She has 5654 serums and 8786 mists but still continues to buy them because it's boring to not experiment (with skincare). She knows the difference between AHAs & BHAs like the back of her (smooth) hand. Her favourite Sunday activity? Multi-masking! 

For the bodycare obsessed
She loves nothing more than a good Sunday soak. She religiously takes time out of her day to moisturise every inch of her body with comforting lotions and buttery balms. She delights in the sight of her expensive Aesop handwash sitting prettily next to the marble brush holder. She's willing to splurge any amount of money on products if it comes with the word 'detox' written all over it. She loves deliciously scented products - she can totally tell the difference between synthetic fragrances and an expert blend. 

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