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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Redecorating My Dresser

I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m a minimalist, but the idea appeals to me more and more as I grow older. I’ve ruthlessly edited down my wardrobe, and my makeup collection fits neatly into a small drawer. I really enjoy the freedom that comes with having to choose from a small curated collection as opposed to tackling an overflowing wardrobe/drawer that's bursting at the seams. Last Sunday, after a weekly flat tidy-up, I decided it was time to give my dressing table a much-needed facelift. I had a Muji drawer filled with used up samples and expired makeup, so I got rid of it along with some old makeup brushes.

I used the pink ceramic vase from Tiger to store the remaining brushes and some eye pencils. The gold brush holder behind it is from Kikki K; it holds all the makeup tools I reach for on a day-to-day basis. The gold tray from H&M is one of my favourite pieces - it's perfect for keeping everything in one place. When I'm in a rush, the last thing I want to do is rifle through the drawer trying to find certain products, so I use the tray to keep a few of my favourite everyday essentials like mists and moisturisers within reach.

The jewellery stand is another stellar find from Tiger; it has a sturdy marble base and looks particularly lovely on the dresser. I bought it in an attempt to be more organised, as I'm known for leaving jewellery around the house. The candle is from SpaceNK's Christmas range; they bring it out every year with different packaging. It fills the room with a heady scent and burns for hours and hours. I used to have a dracaena plant on the dresser before, but it started to wilt, so I've replaced it with fittonia verschaffeltii, which doesn't need as much sunlight as the other one does.

The gold and blush theme was entirely unintentional, but I like how it looks now. After this little rearranging experiment, I've come to realise that transforming your space even in little ways can make the world of difference to a room. 

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