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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Bedside Reading//Beauty Podcast & A/W Wardrobe

Well hello everyone and happy Sunday! Hope you had a great week. Before I share this week's reading list, I'd like to thank everyone for reading my posts and leaving such positive and thoughtful comments. I was very skeptical about changing the course of my blog, but these posts have been doing so well that they lead me to believe that I'm doing the right thing. Anyway, here are this week’s stories to get stuck into.

I didn't get a chance to read a book this week, so I'm sharing the ones that are currently on my wishlist. 'How To Be A Grown-up' by Daisy Buchanan is all about navigating adulthood and it sounds like a hugely comforting and inspiring book. 'Beta: Quiet Girls Can Run The World’ by Rebecca Holman has a slightly gimmicky name, but the book covers everything from surviving the 21st Century workplace to dealing with imposter syndrome.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article by Haley Nahman on Man Repeller. She talks to five authors about their writing processes, how they find inspiration and what they like to wear when they sit down to write. It’s a fascinating and incredibly inspiring read. 'What it's like to be fat in France' by Gabrielle Deydier is deeply affecting and thought-provoking. She talks about how being fat is considered a self-inflicted disability in France. It's very rare to read such a candid account of someone's life and she talks about it with so much honesty. 

Podcasts have become such an ingrained part of my morning routine that I literally can’t function without them. The one I eagerly wait for every week is 'Fat Mascara,' a beauty podcast hosted by Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein. They are engaging, funny and talk about beauty in a BS-free way.

After putting away my summer clothes, I realised that my A/W wardrobe was looking a bit dull, so I bought a few dresses and jumpers. I had to send most of them back as they were either too big or just too long. Sigh, the downside of being petite. The only two items that made it my wardrobe are these court shoes and gold-toned star earrings.

In other news, I received a very exciting package from Glossier. They sent me their Phase 1 & 2 products and I'll be doing an in-depth review ahead of their launch here. Also, Jennifer from AmourJnfr asked me if I wanted to be her pen pal and I readily agreed. I spent the last two weeks putting together a little care package for her and it's made me so happy! 

Am I crazy for wanting to splash 290£ on a jumper? 

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