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Monday, 27 February 2017

Beauty Apothecaries To Visit In Paris

Paris, the city of love, is famous for its boulangeries, pop-up eateries and pharmacies selling French skincare. While all this adds to the allure of the city, the real charm lies in the quaint apothecaries hidden in the tiny bylanes of the French capital. On this trip to Paree, I stumbled upon two charming beauty boutiques that take personalisation to a whole new level.

Buly 1803: Tucked away in the bustling sixth arrondissement, Buly feels as if it belongs to another era. Dark wood cabinets with rows of lotions and potions make the store seem otherworldly. They offer artisanal products like fragrances, candles, soaps and flavoured toothpastes made from natural ingredients. While the products fall on the luxury side of the spectrum, they are worth the splurge because everything is truly one-of-a-kind. The peerless chic packaging combined with delicious smelling products make them all the more desirable. From grooming kits to natural skincare, there’s something on offer for everyone.

BULY 1803
6 rue Bonaparte
+331 43 29 02 50

Nose: I could feel my olfactive senses come alive the moment I stepped into Nose. This chic boutique is filled with intricate apothecary bottles and avant-garde fragrances from all over the world. Nose’s digital diagnostic tool makes it easy to find your signature fragrance with a few simple steps. The whole process takes 40 minutes, and you are given samples of your preferred fragrances. While I didn’t have that much time to spare, I fell head-over-heels in love with a perfume (Malin & Goetz’s Dark Rum) just by going through their exhaustive collection. Apart from fragrances, there’s a vast selection of room sprays, candles, and diffusers by popular brands like Odin, Diptyque and Cire Trudon.

20 rue Bachaumont
01 40 26 46 03 

Aesop: I’m cheating by including Aesop in this list, but a standalone Aesop store is what my dreams are made of. While I love shopping online, the joy of walking into a brick-and-mortar beauty store is unparalleled. Located in the iconic hilltop village of Montmartre, this spacious store offers a floor-to-ceiling selection of skincare and haircare. The industrial-chic metal fixtures and reclaimed wood shelves brimming with amber-hued bottles are all a sight to behold. Aesop’s allure lies not only in its monochrome packaging but also its beautiful formulations. I’ve long been a fan of their Parsley Seed Mask and Geranium Leaf Body Balm, so I took this opportunity to stock up on my favourites.

15 Rue des Abbesses

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Dressing Table & Makeup Collection

I’m back after a long break and my only excuse for the prolonged absence is being completely consumed by the self-doubt bug. Now that I’m back, I hope to take every day as it comes and see where this goes.

On a more positive note, I’m really excited to show you my new dresser. It’s a wooden chest of drawers that doubles as my vanity table. I spent hours trawling the Internet looking for the perfect home to store my beauty essentials and this Birchwood table was love at first sight. I felt it complemented the wooden flooring quite beautifully. 

However, finding the perfect mirror proved to be more difficult than I thought – they were either too heavy or didn't fit into the aesthetic of the room. Though I wanted an antique brass mirror, I’m happy I settled for a more a minimalistic one. The circular shape adds a touch of modernity to the room

We moved into our new flat at the beginning of the year and I took this opportunity to clear out my makeup collection. I downsized my entire collection to fit into one small drawer and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. I got rid of everything that I hadn’t used in a year and gave some away to friends. There’s nothing more cathartic than whittling down your beauty products to the essentials. What's left behind is a streamlined and cohesive collection of all the things I simply can't do without.

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