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Friday, 12 August 2016

Wardrobe Organisation Decoded

Now that we’re well into the second half of this year, it’s a good time to re-assess your New Year style resolutions. If you’re anything like me, it’s always a good time for a wardrobe declutter. This task can feel overwhelming to many but having a simple step-by-step guide can help you create that functional, stylish and organised wardrobe of your dreams! What’s more, it can also help you declutter your mind. Remember that a simple guide is one that works for you and your closet. Here’s mine:

Set aside some time

Depending on how big (or cluttered) your wardrobe is, you’ll need to set aside some time for this task. You could use a couple of hours on a free weekday or set aside half a weekend.

Empty everything out

Yes, it is important to take every single thing out. All of it! You’ll probably find that dress you had been looking for, or even discover some hidden ‘gems’ that you had forgotten all about. Most importantly, you need to give the inside of your wardrobe a good clean anyway – must admit; this is my favourite bit of the entire process!

Quickly sort your stuff out

Do not delay this step or else you’ll end up sleeping on the couch, with your entire wardrobe on your bed (yes, been there, done that). I generally sort out my wardrobe pieces into piles: a ‘keep’ pile and a ‘to go’ load. If I have a hard time deciding about anything, it goes in a ‘may be’ pile, but I try to keep this to a minimum. It is important to be ruthless here if you’re serious about decluttering – my general rule is: if I haven’t worn a piece of clothing for a year or if it is new with its tags still on even a year later, it’ll need to go. Trying everything on (not all at the same time!) will help you decide which pieces make you look and feel good.

Put things back in an organised way

It’s finally time to put your carefully selected pieces back into your clean wardrobe. Organisation is key here. You could neatly arrange your clothing in a way you find most appropriate. Some people prefer splitting home- and work-wear in different sections. Others prefer the colour grouping approach. Consider using quality hangers that are non-slip and don’t take up too much space in your wardrobe. You can also roll or fold your basic t-shirts, nightwear and gym-wear in drawers. Drawer dividers, boxes or tiered shelves can be extremely useful in storage and wardrobe organisation. Your most worn and loved pieces can also hang on a free-standing rail; it makes morning dressing so much easier and also looks beautiful.


Don’t forget to sit back, relax and bask in the glory of your ‘new’ wardrobe, where everything fits and looks great on you. And just in case you were wondering, my ‘to go’ pile goes to charity (if it’s all in a good condition). As for my ‘may be’ pile, I usually take my mom’s opinions to decide what stays – because somehow, she’s always right!

How often do you declutter your wardrobe, and what are your top tips?


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