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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

First Look: RMK Urban Gold A/W Collection

RMK Urban Gold Makeup Collection London Selfridges
Flecks of gold, rich pigments and earthy tones define RMK's Urban Gold collection. Inspired by New York's glimmering skyline, the collection has an architectural feel to it. The duochrome eyeliners, £15.50 have tapered lids to depict NYC's towering skyscrapers; the limited edition illuminator, £33 has a geometric pattern to represent the city's concrete maze. 

The beautifully curated Autumn/Winter collection is designed to give you an ethereal glow. Every product in the range has a hint of gold running through it to give you gleaming skin day and night. The eyeshadow duos, £26 have cream and powder shadows with multi-dimensional colours that are complex and pigmented. The waxy texture ensures a smooth and easy application - the makeup artist at the launch gave me a gorgeous smokey eye in minutes sans any brushes. 

There are multiple neutral shades to choose from, however if you want something exclusive the Deep Shiny Gray eyeshadow duo has real flecks of gold in it. TrĂ©s luxurious! A berry toned lipstick, £19.50 is a staple in any A/W collection, and the one in this collection has a buttery soft formula. The aforementioned illuminator is an absolute beaut, its shimmer-concentrated formula creates a stunning metallic finish. The Urban Gold collection is designed to suit different skin tones and for a variety of seasonal looks. It's for those who want a bit of glimmer and glamour!

Detailed reviews to follow post my Euro trip. Follow me on #LRTravelDiaries

Enjoy the pictures from the launch! 

RMK Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

RMK Autumn/Winter 2015 Makeup Collection

RMK Autumn/Winter 2015 Makeup Collection

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