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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

What's New From Kiko + Reviews

Kiko has been killing it with their recent collection, and here's a sampling of my favourite products...

Glow Potion Perfecting Serum: I purchased this product for two reasons: One it's called a 'glow potion' and two because of the gorgeous frosted bottle and rose gold packaging. But is the product any good? Depends on what you're looking for. The iridescent serum adds a subtle glow to the face and dries to a silky, smooth matte finish. It feels hydrating but definitely not a substitution for your nightly serums and moisturisers. It's a great makeup base that creates a smooth complexion. Suitable for all skin types - particularly great for people with oily skin.

Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick: No the rose gold packaging didn't sway me, nor did the affordable price tag. What really swayed me was the creamy formula that delivers rich pigmented colour in just one swipe. I found two nude lip shades that perfectly complement my olive skin tone. I bought the shades 105 (pinkish brown) and 106 (mauve) because they're are so distinct yet look like my natural lip colour. With a good five to six hours of lasting power, these lipsticks can be worn sheer or built up to an opaque colour. The unique click packaging lends a luxe look to these lipsticks. A must-have in any lip wardrobe.

Intense Colour Long Lasting Eyeliner: My eyes get watery every time I apply eyeliner and I've tried every imaginable drugstore eyeliner but none have the lasting power as these Kiko ones do. Though it's not the blackest black eyeliner, it glides on smoothly without making my eyes water. It's seriously pigmented and delivers rich colour in one smooth stroke. I experience slight smudging at the end of the day but that's no biggie considering the eyeliners from Rimmel and Maybelline disappear after two hours. It comes with a smudging tool at the end which isn't of much use. 

Soft Touch Blush: Not a recent launch but I fell in love with this terracotta-pink blush the moment my eyes fell on it. I'm loving everything with a hint of brown and rust - autumn's changing hues is clearly reflecting in my makeup choices. This warm-toned blush perks up my skin in an instant. I've been wearing it everyday since I bought it because it adds a youthful flush to my face without looking too obvious. It's a highly pigmented matte blush that needs to be applied with a light touch to avoid looking like circus clown. 

Power Pro Nail Lacquer: This orange-y red nail colour is perfect for the upcoming festive season. The pigmented formula delivers a flawless opaque colour in one coat. I can't say much about longevity because nail polishes don't last longer than two days on me. Not even with a seche vite top coat, so it'd be unfair to talk about it. Great formulation, great price, that's all. 

Friday, 16 October 2015

#Featured: Edition 6

Yes, I got featured for the sixth time in the links à mode. Truly an honour - Thank you IFB.

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Friday, 9 October 2015

Lisa Eldridge's Face Paint Book Launch

Lisa Eldridge Face Paint The Story Of Make Up Book Launch at Liberty London Lisaeldridge.com
When I saw Lisa Eldridge's post about her book launch, I immediately signed up to attend the pre-book launch at +Liberty London. After two days of (not so) patiently waiting, I received a mail saying it was sold out. I was really gutted but decided to attend her event at another venue. Thankfully the stars aligned and a couple of days before the Liberty event, I got a confirmation saying that I was on the 5p.m list. Wohooo! My joy knew no bounds because getting to meet Lisa was a dream I never thought would ever come true. I braved all of London's transport mayhem to make it just in time for the launch. The event was held at the beautiful and cosy Heritage Suite in Liberty - the setting truly felt personal. 

A few minutes after we settled down with a champagne in hand, Lisa arrived looking ethereal in a black outfit to talk about her debut book Face Paint: The Story of Makeup. She talked about the research that went behind the book and how she was involved in every aspect of it. It's really fascinating to hear her talk because she's so passionate about the history of makeup and how it's impacted women over the centuries. She can really entrance you with her in-depth knowledge about the origins of makeup and trends. 

Once the event was over, she greeted everyone personally and signed their copy. Walking up to her was the most nervous moment of my life. I have an idiotic smile plastered over my face in the picture I took with her. I momentarily forgot my name and fumbled when she complimented my lipstick shade. But yes, it felt euphoric and I couldn't wipe that smile off my face for a long, long time. Dreams do come true, people. They certainly do. I'll leave you with the pictures from the event.


Monday, 5 October 2015

Photo Diary: Enchanting Strasbourg

Things To Do In Strasbourg and Petite France Notre Dame Cathedral"The more I contemplate the façade of the Cathedral, the more I am convinced of my first impression that its loftiness is linked to its beauty."- Goethe

Strasbourg, which sits right on the border of France and Germany is a picturesque medieval city that is full of canals and cobbled lanes. The emblem of the city is the magnificent Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg, a red sandstone Gothic structure that is an architectural masterpiece. Petite France, the historical centre of the city is an otherworldly beauty with half-timbered houses and spectacular waterways. Dining options are stupendous, you can choose from the local Alsatian fare or head to a winstub for a boozy evening. This bewitching city offers a breathtaking sensory and gastronomical experience.

Things To Do In Strasbourg and Petite France Notre Dame CathedralThings To Do In Strasbourg and Petite France Notre Dame CathedralThings To Do In Strasbourg and Petite France Notre Dame Cathedral
Things To Do In Strasbourg and Petite France Notre Dame Cathedral Alsace

Things To Do In Strasbourg and Petite France Notre Dame Cathedral Alsace


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

First Look: RMK Urban Gold A/W Collection

RMK Urban Gold Makeup Collection London Selfridges
Flecks of gold, rich pigments and earthy tones define RMK's Urban Gold collection. Inspired by New York's glimmering skyline, the collection has an architectural feel to it. The duochrome eyeliners, £15.50 have tapered lids to depict NYC's towering skyscrapers; the limited edition illuminator, £33 has a geometric pattern to represent the city's concrete maze. 

The beautifully curated Autumn/Winter collection is designed to give you an ethereal glow. Every product in the range has a hint of gold running through it to give you gleaming skin day and night. The eyeshadow duos, £26 have cream and powder shadows with multi-dimensional colours that are complex and pigmented. The waxy texture ensures a smooth and easy application - the makeup artist at the launch gave me a gorgeous smokey eye in minutes sans any brushes. 

There are multiple neutral shades to choose from, however if you want something exclusive the Deep Shiny Gray eyeshadow duo has real flecks of gold in it. Trés luxurious! A berry toned lipstick, £19.50 is a staple in any A/W collection, and the one in this collection has a buttery soft formula. The aforementioned illuminator is an absolute beaut, its shimmer-concentrated formula creates a stunning metallic finish. The Urban Gold collection is designed to suit different skin tones and for a variety of seasonal looks. It's for those who want a bit of glimmer and glamour!

Detailed reviews to follow post my Euro trip. Follow me on #LRTravelDiaries

Enjoy the pictures from the launch! 

RMK Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

RMK Autumn/Winter 2015 Makeup Collection

RMK Autumn/Winter 2015 Makeup Collection

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